108 Sun Salutations: Join the Tradition

Come ring in the new year the best way we know how- SWEATY! Join us for the sacred practice of 108 sun salutations.

January 1, 10:30a-12:30p

Accompanied by fun beats, great people and a whole lot of chaturangas, this is sure to be the best way to start 2020. We encourage you to have been practicing yoga for at least 6 months prior to joining this class, as this is a rigorous flow. Prepare to be HELLA sore the next day, so come and practice with mega awareness!

**Don’t think you can do 108? Do 25, do 56. Do what you can and breath through the rest! It’s not about the number, but the presence you bring to the practice.

La Croix Toast afterwards !

COST: Members: A class off your membership!
Non-Members: $18 drop in

 108 Sun Salutations

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