15 Things I am Grateful For in 2015

Last week and the majority of this month #gratitude has been the word, intention, and theme heard infinite times a day. (See last weekish post.) November is the month for it, always has been. As we wind down our month of #gratitude and as Practice Indie comes off of our week long focus and intention of gratitude; I want to challenge you sweet mermaids and mermen to create a list of 15 things you are grateful for EVERYDAY that has come from the crazy, beautiful, wild ride that is the year 2015.

As I taught my classes last week, and I practiced my practice I tried thinking of 3 new things I was grateful for that day. I loved the outcome it had mentally however I was left asking myself, why the mother jumpers do I only do this once, twice, MAYBE three times a year.

I cant ask you all sweet sugar footies to do this if I am not going to… so coming off of the month of #gratitude and going into the month of holiday cheer and before going into a totally different year… here are the things I am grateful for that have come out of 2015, here are the things I will shed thanks and light on everyday, hold near and dear to my heart in 2016, and some things I will let go of and create space for at years end:

1. My Family. I have always appreciated and loved them entirely, but as we have all 5 figured out what it’s like to be adults in this world, figured out what we want, what we want to be when we grow up, where we want to live, how we want to live… I have grown to appreciate our time ALL TOGETHER under one roof, in one city, so much more than ever before. I would not want to be on this wild, fun, magical, roller coaster of a ride we call life without the five of my nearest and dearest #rideordies

2. The 31heaven, Naptown, Indianapolis Indiana, The Heartland. Whatever/however you refer to this big city with small town vibez; I am undoubtedly grateful to call this place home. This past week I talked with countless 20-somethings who have all in one point in time been the closest person(s) to me… and we, almost all, agreed this place is a magical place on the planet.

There is this theory (check back on a different post at a different time and I will attach the link of the studies)… there is a theory that there are certain magical hotspots in the world that are just that… sheer magic. You get there and your heart skips a beat all the while time has stopped. The planets stop spinning. Its a no matter what or who you are the place you are looking at is a love at first sight kind of place and feeling. Kuai, Hawaii is coordinately speaking – one of those places. Many coordinates all being in Costa Rica are a part of this theory and one of those places. Paris, France is one of those places. An exact spot on The Great Wall of China is one of those places. I’ve been to some of these exact, almost to the degree, places and I am a full fledged believer in every word of this theory. (I’m also a rip roaring optimist so I sort of love everywhere I go. Except Marrakech… was in over my head.) I also believe home (where ever that is for you) could be one of those places. I’ve traveled far and wide, I’ve lived in other places, and there is something truly magical and special about coming H.O.M.E. I am proud, happy, and GRATEFUL to call this place hOMe.

3. Shannon and Peter Brasovan. They gave me my first big time teaching gig when the only other person that would hire me was myself and my mom. They also inspire ALL OF US everyday, tell us really stupid jokes, make us laugh mercilessly, and give us a home away from home to come to. Practice Indie is truly a space you can come to to escape when home maybe isnt magical, when work deffo isnt magical, when you’re happy, when you’re pissed off, when you’re content, when you’re confused, when you’re stoked, when you have questions, when you have the answers. Its a version of hOMe.

4. My 4 dogs. Almost 100P positive its illegal to have four dogs unless you live on a farm in Colorado… BUT rules are meant to be broken. The fourth member of the literal Mack Pack galloped into our lives this year and he is an angel among us… as are the other 3.

5. Endless possibilities. Sometimes it’s hard for me when my days start stringing together and all begin looking exactly alike. It’s actually really hard for me and I feel like I’m choking. Not kidding. The first time I was in a yoga class with Erin Morgan she said “send gratitude to all of the endless opportunities and possibilities that await.” That was also the first class I cried in (802 times). SHE IS SO SPOT ON! That is a beautiful thing to be grateful for. 2014-2015 have been the years and my parents (and Erin) have been the humans to have taught me that the most – the possibilities are infinite.

6. Laughter. Life is great, but it is weird sometimes. Laughter has been the safety net for those weird times. And for that, I am eternally grateful.

7. My health, my friends and families health. Thank you 1 billion times moreover thank you, thank you, thank you for our able body, minds, and hearts. I am grateful, truly grateful for this everyday.

8. Feeling safe in each and every *present* moment. Again, another thing until this year that I wasn’t mindfully grateful for.

9.I am grateful for amazing books, epic pieces of writing, and works of art that take my breath away.

10. I am grateful for those sunsets that make the ground fall out from under you.

11. I am grateful for really strong, amazing cups of coffee. (If you want the best down home black cup of coffee of your life — cornerstone coffee house 54th and college. Attached to Moe and Johnnys. But I am pretty damn biased, and, but, also I know at least 300 people that would agree with me.)

12. I am grateful for Grey Market Wine for they taught me about the artistry in a beautiful glass (but lets be real, bottle) of wine.

13. This work of writing would not feel right if I didn’t mention #Beyoncé. Thank you for the On The Run tour.

14. I am grateful for all of the small businesses, restaurants, shops, holistic shops, hotels, book stores in this one horse town. You are the reason the my #2 was my #2. You mom and pop shops, you small business owners — you make Indy mad rad. You are what is making Indy get on peoples radars.

15. This has been the year of Amy Schumer, still Lena Dunham, Jessica Williams, Adele slaying, Beyonce (again I’m sorry I have a real f$%&^ing problem), women lifting up and empowering women, #leanin, huffpost women kicking ass and taking names, planned parenthood fighting tooth and nail for women, this has been the year that I have look at my basketful of besties that are women and my younger sister and my mother and the women I teach and practice with, the women I work with, myself — and loved all of our strength, our beauty, our humor, our wit, our bravery, our physical bodies that carry us every day, our hearts that inspire us to nurture and to love FEARLESSLY EVERY.DAY, and our minds for knowing when to stand up and fight for our right to party. I love who I am. I am grateful for who I am. I love who you are. I am grateful for who you are. We are an epic, fearless, insane bunch. But I love you all. Keep inspiring, keep sending out gratitude, and keep creating lives that you are grateful for not just once a year… but every fuckin day.

We would love to hear your 15 in ’15! Share a couple, share them all, share a piece of writing, share an image, using facebook, or instagram tag it with #practiceindiepracticesgratitude

Be on the look out this week for our second blog about our pose focus, and sutra.

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