2020 Visions : Dec. 6-8

Prepare to expand into your best self for 2020.

Dec. 6-8 with Nataraj Chaitanya

Learning and using yogic techniques (Yoga Nidra, Shiva consciousness/ Shakti energy, kirtan and meditation) prepare to discover your intention, declare it consciously and embody it for a year of expansion in 2020.


$160 for the entire weekend or $50 per workshop

*Yoga Nidra is $18 flat rate for drop in (included in the weekend cost)

*members inquire about discount code for $140 weekend or $30 per workshop

2020 Visions

Friday, Dec. 6, 6p-8p Yoga Nidra ($18)
Learn what Yoga Nidra is (typically called the yoga of sleep), and enjoy a led practice and reflect on its benefits. This will help you begin to discern your Sankalpa (intention) for the year to come.

Yoga Nidra

Saturday, Dec. 7 12p-2p Shiva Consciousness ($50)
Dive into the philosophy of Kashmir Shaivism / Tantra yoga to
1. embrace this life affirming yoga philosophy
2. how to use your natural interests, talents and experiences in your life for your unfoldment
3. utilize mantra, mudra and visualization to expand your life – gain wisdom and learn how to drop your story/ over thrown the tyranny of experience and wiping the slate clean in a meditative way

Shiva Consciousness

2:30p-4:30p Shakti Energy/ Dynamism ($50)
Understand what Shakti energy is and
1. understanding of how everything relates to the goddess (and why that’s awesome)
2. why it’s useful to think of nature as feminine/ life as feminine
3. utilize meditation to call upon enlightened wisdom/ how to clear stagnations and blocks in the system

Shakti Energy/ Dynamism

6p-7:30p Donation based Kirtan Pre-registration appreciated but not required. Go to our schedule page to sign up

To digest the practices of the day and come together in community

Sunday, Dec. 8, 10a-12p Meditation of a New You ($50)
We will look at how to combine the knowledge we learned over the weekend to create a solid visualization and meditation practice to soak in the energy and consciousness of our practices. Walk away energetically and spiritually uplifted and ready to take on 2020.

Meditations of a New You

Never practiced with Nataraj before? Check out this beautiful vid to get an idea of his splendor 🙂

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