This 26 Day Ayurveda Challenge is for anyone looking to find balance in their life. If you’ve tried every ‘diet’ and just not sure they all fit with your particular body type/ life style, Ayurveda is worth a shot. The ancient sister science to yoga, Ayurveda means science of life and is a system utilizing food and mindful practices to bring the body, mind and spirit into balance. This challenge will teach you how to eat per your specific needs, as well as challenge you to set new habits that can improve the balance of your life for the better.

Important dates:
The challenge runs April 2-27

  • Friday, March 16th 6:30pm-7:30pm = Info Session (FREE) Sign Up HERE
  • Monday, March 19th 6pm-8pm = Info Session (FREE) Sign up HERE
  • Tuesday, March 27th at 7:15pm = Ayurveda Workshop (aka, how to execute the challenge, this is included in the price of the challenge) Sign up HERE
  • April 15th = halfway check-in
  • April 29th = end check-in

We will run the challenge on a point system and you will track your daily progress through wellness journals. Points will be given for practicing yoga, eating Ayurvedically, making mindful life choices, and so forth. At the end of the challenge, participants will be entered to win different prizes based off of how many points they accrued.

$45 for members/ $55 for non-members
(this is in addition to your membership at NapTown to get points for your yoga practice)

Email to sign up today!

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