3 Ways to Invite Lakshmi & Cultivate Abundance

Who is Lakshmi? Lakshmi is the goddess of abundance, fortune, and wealth. She is the consort of Vishnu, the sustainer and was born from the cosmic churning of the ocean. Her name, Laxmi or Lakshmi comes from the Sanskrit root for “knowing the objective”. She is often shown on a lotus, symbolizing knowledge and liberation, surrounded by elephants, and is usually holding or offering money. She’s also surrounded by Owls and is often referred to in songs with Garuda, the eagle god.

When we evoke Lakshmi, we evoke abundance… but what does abundance really mean? Abundance isn’t simply wealth. Abundance is a state of enough. Lakshmi appears on a lotus – a flower that grows from mud – to symbolize how abundance really shows up in our lives. From dirt and toil and work, lotuses bloom. Abundance can be as simple as becoming aware that you have everything you need and as we refine our experience, the process of contentment becomes easier and easier. The idea of her offering wealth through coins or gold reminds us to make offerings of our abundance and to share our gives with an open heart.

From Jenna Baker:

For years, I could not connect personally to Lakshmi. I couldn’t understand her widespread worship. It’s not to say I couldn’t enjoy her songs or her stories, but connections for me personally came in fiercer forms. It took receiving my spiritual name containing her bija mantra, Shree, and chanting it over and over, that I started to recognize what true abundance appears as. We must understand that we all have a divine right to our own enoughness. That there is enough to go around. That abundance and sharing creates community and connection both of which is abundance and wealth in her truest form. When we connect to Lakshmi and the goddess in this way, your heart can’t be anything but full – because you, just as you are, are abundance itself.

Join us for class this week as we evoke this goddess and her beautiful energy. Perhaps for you, it’s recognizing you already are abundant enough- or maybe it’s inviting abundance in some form for yourself, for others or for all beings.

Here are 3 ways to invite the spirit of Lakshmi and cultivate abundance this week:

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