About Us

Make self study, bliss, love and acceptance common practice for all people.
Give yourself permission to be yourself.

About Us

Practice Indie is a yoga studio located in the heart of downtown Indianapolis dedicated to you doing YOU. The power of yoga lies in accessing ancient wisdom while marrying it with modern truths. We are obsessed with cultivating an authentic, honest interpretation of yoga in accordance with ancient tradition, while integrating it into the modern yogis life. Each week we focus on a different philosophical component of the yoga practice, as well as a featured pose. In this way we are able to study and apply the yoga teachings to our every day lives and bodies.

As a proud extension of NapTown Fitness, we seek to teach yoga that is physically functional, mentally stimulating and holistically healing to provide an experience that seeks to help the whole person. If you’re ready to reclaim your highest Self, we’re here to help you remember all that you already are!

Contact Us

Want to know more about our programs or just have general questions about Practice Indie? We can’t wait to practice with you. Namaste, y’all!

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