Alaska Adventure & Yoga Retreat: Info Session March 21

So much of the practice of yoga is reconnecting to the earth and appreciating what heritage precedes us – what are the roots of this and all practices? Join us for our Alaska Retreat 2020!  We will be in Homer, Alaska July 10th-15th, 2020! We can’t wait, and we hope you will consider joining us!

Alaska Adventure & Yoga Retreat Info Session: March 21

July is a wonderful time to visit Homer. It will be warm and beautiful, poised at the end of a peninsula and a view across the water of glaciers and a gorgeous mountain range. It’s very quiet and peaceful – our senses will be getting a much needed break. Our nervous systems can relax and get tapped into the patterns and frequencies of nature. This retreat will allow you to practice yoga, and to nourish your body, mind, and spirit. We plan to:


  • Kayak in the ocean (Yes!)
  • Hike on the bluff to the beach for a beach picnic (Delightful!)
  • Fresh springs and sauna for temperature therapy (Gonna be intense but awesome!)
  • Hike to a glacier (Wait, seriously? Does it get better than this?)
  • Yoga in yurts (!!!)
  • Eat (and not cook) delicious food made with local and organic ingredients, prepared by a local private chef. (Mkay, I’m there!)


We are also hoping to learn about the area from a local native elder. Much of the summer, the center we are staying hosts camps for children of Native American descent so that they can learn the practices and the land of their heritage. We will honor the heritage of this area as we honor the heritage of our own yoga practice.

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Our guide on this journey is one of our amazing yoga instructors, Staraya McKinstry! Staraya grew up in Homer, and describes it as a tiny fishing village on the edge of the keynine peninsula. This tiny community of about 5,000 people is friendly, relaxed, resourceful, and tough! People live off the grid and often grow, catch, or hunt their own food. Living in Homer, Staraya felt very grounded in a way places other than home just don’t feel. Staraya does a great job working that feeling of groundedness into her practice and everyday life, even if she does get homesick (we can understand why!). Staraya says all her best childhood memories are being outside. Despite the severe winter weather and rainy season, Staraya says her parents made sure they were all geared up whatever the season so they could spend time outside playing in the snow or woods. Staraya’s connection to nature comes from her upbringing, and we are so excited to restore our connections to the earth in such a lovely place as her home!

Fun fact: Staraya worked as a deckhand on fishing boats from ages 16 to 22! She says it’s important to her that she did get that experience of hard physical labor, but also – she’s tired of halibut. 


The cost of this retreat is $1599 all inclusive. The only thing not covered by this fee is airfare. Participants will be picked up from and returned to the airport. If you have any questions, please contact

Join us for an info session on March 21, or check out this podcast for more!

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