Astrology 101 : 4 week workshop series w/ Megan Hanna

Ready to dive deep into Astrology? Join us every Monday from March 9-March 30 from 6p-8p w/ Megan Hanna.

Our astrological guru will be sharing the deep world of astrology for each practitioner to learn:
Week 1: the foundation for Astrology – the elements and the modes
Week 2 : taking a journey through the zodiac signs and see how each energy works together
Week 3 : taking a journey through the cosmos to learn the planets & key points
Week 4 : learning the houses of the zodiac / recap

Early Bird is ($200) ends March 1. Use code COSMOS to grab it!

Astrology 101

Wanna go really deep with one on one readings and checkins with Megan, connection to your yoga practice (2 months of unlimited yoga) and a journal to guide you along with your astrological map? Join our Stars Aligned plan to receive 15% off in addition to the early bird ($55 saved!)

Stars Aligned – Prepaid plan

Interested in learning more before committing? Hit up this blog post for more info on Astrology, Megan and why this study is important.

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