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All of you young, hip people might be used to looking up your horoscopes in the latest teen mag, but let Megan Hanna explain why investing more deeply into the study of astrology can help you pursue your best self.

What is the relationship between yoga and astrology?

A big internal focus at Practice Indie is Pratyabhijna – self-knowing, to deeply know or remember yourself. The more we practice yoga, the more we realize that the true purpose of yoga is to remember ourselves, to remember that we are whole.  It’s easy to forget! This is why we take our motto so seriously – take permission to be yourself. Astrology is a practice that centers that motto – it is a study of the self and a practice of self-compassion. Our culture does not do much justice to the depth of these practices – yoga and astrology. Trust us on this one – your yoga practice can be supported by the study of astrology (and seriously, we are pretty jazzed about it).

Today’s discussion is informed by our sparkly soul friend Megan Hanna! Megan started practicing yoga about nine years ago, brought to her knees, she says, by yoga’s journey through, of, and to the self. Megan finds such joy in that journey that she expanded the ways in which she pursues that journey beyond yoga to include what she describes as “anything occult” – tarot, numerology, reike, and, yes, astrology. It’s easy to be hard on yourself, but Megan found that astrology led her to a deeper understanding of herself.  That understanding empowered Megan to cultivate compassion towards herself (tell us your ways, Megan!). 


Astrology is the study of the cosmos,stars, and planets and specifically how they interact with the moment and location of our births. Each person’s natal chart is a picture of the night sky when and where we are born, what constellations are coming on the horizon. Megan describes the natal chart as a beautiful, intricate tapestry woven just for you. As we see from our charts our tendencies, sometimes weaknesses, we are able to understand that we are doing our best, and acknowledge that is true for others as well, each of us working with what we have. 


Using a Western Astrology “Lens” 

Ancient cultures each have their own forms of astrology – Vedic, Indian, Egyptian, Chinese, Babylon, Mayan.  Megan practices Western Astrology, so this discussion is informed by this perspective.  

The Elements

The components of astrology are extensive- planets, houses, aspects. The elements (air, water, earth, fire) are the building blocks of astrology. Understanding what balance of the elements exists in you innately creates a foundation for utilizing astrology in your everyday life. 

  • Fire is the first element. Aries lights the fire.
  • Earth is the grounding foundation, practicality, and stability we want to build.
  • Air is energy, communication, versatility, thought.
  • Water is the depth, emotion, intuition, sentiment – the world within us.

The Houses

Birth time is critical for determining the house because the constellations in the sky change about every two and a half hours. Your birth time starts your chart through your rising sign. A natal chart has 12 sections, for 12 houses that loosely align with the zodiac signs, beginning with Aries, the first sign and house, governing your body in the here and now. Each house is a different “setting” of your life, combining to create a scene or stage for the theater of *your life.* 

The Story of the Signs

Aries, the archetype of the warrior, strikes the match and leads the way. Once you are here, you take a look around and take inventory of what you have- the practicality of the earth signs like Taurus. At this point, you want to know what do those around us have and how is it different from me? This is Gemini, communicating and finding versatility through the knowledge of what others are bringing to the table as well. Air, too much communication, can lead us to a lack of focus. To center, we return home to the nurturing, healing, and sensitivity of water. Once we feel nurtured we can reignite our spark and become the leader that Leo is. Again, life as Leo is fun, creative – Virgo re-grounds us in practicality. Is what we are doing good enough? We are adding structure to our lives, then Libra invites others to work together and create balance and reciprocity. The lightness and the joy of the partnerships in Libra then seeks transformative depth through Scorpio. Scorpio leads us to what is hidden and, oftentimes, what is dark. The iconic image of the phoenix in flames, the death and rebirth into Sagittarius, the student taking joy in adventure and exploration. Capricorn gets us back to business, with the mindset of the entrepreneur. Aquarius then begs the question are our Capricorn pursuits sustainable, are they good for the collective? In pursuing that good, Pisces can think outside of the box with remarkable empathy.    

Megan learned the signs from this intricate story about how they work together.  


Sun, Moon, and Rising Signs

Your sun sign is your identity, ego, and external expression of self in the daylight.  Your moon sign is how we are “at night” – a reflection of the world behind the eyes, how we feel on the inside.  Some people identify more closely with their moon signs – if you don’t personally connect with your sun sign, the depth of astrology provides many opportunities to explore and find a deeper understanding of how your signs communicate and balance within you. The rising sign can be interpreted as how people perceive you upon first meeting, but Megan prefers to think of the rising sign as what we are working to embody in this life, our destiny and our soul’s purpose. 


Astrology as a Tool in Pursuing Your Highest Self

Understanding your innate tendencies, strengths, and weaknesses can empower you to your highest self in light of the details of your nature. Astrology can help point us to our dharma. It gives us permission to be ourselves and see ourselves in a deeper way. Megan provides the example of chiron, the wound on each of our charts. The placement of Chiron on your chart reveals to you the place in your life where you feel that deep, innate wound. It is your important work to understand the chiron’s placement and work through the necessary healing there. In this way the knowledge of your own chiron can become your greatest strength: through this healing of yourself you gain the strength to heal the world. Megan says rather than feeling vulnerable about the location of her own chiron, she felt a strong sense of clarity and was empowered to just address the weakness.


Your Chart

Call your mom – you need to know your birth place, the date, and time of your birth. The time is not critical, but it does allow for a more in-depth study of yourself. is a great spot to start – it will provide all of the planets and signs specific to you.

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