Confidence: “I am the greatest.” I said that before I even knew I was. -Muhammad Ali

Salad dressing. I fucking love salad dressing. Nothing pisses me off more than when a restaurant forgets my salad dressing… Now I’m well versed in ahimsa (recap: non-violence) so instead of flying off the handle like a dick and shouting at my server ” WHERE THE FUCK IS MY SALAD DRESSING?!?!” I typically just politely ask for them to present it on my plate.

But I digress… what makes salad dressing rock? The unity of the flavors. If you just put olive oil on your salad (mind you, unless it is like a $400 Italian single sourced kind) it’s boring as hell and you might as well drop some ice cubes on your salad and eat the table cloth instead. But when we mix the olive oil (I’m also assuming here we are talking about a standard Greek salad dressing) with a little dijon, spiced with some lemon juice and a hint of salt/pepper combination you turn your salad into a wondrous blend of YUMMMY!!!!

Mind blowing fact: YOU ARE LIKE SALAD DRESSING. Your mind on its own… kind of a disaster. It runs rampant, it thinks about bunnies one minute and then bunnies in space ships another and then the space ship blowing up and then why space ships are space ships and how they get the cargo on there… and do you see what I’m saying (NOTE: the run on sentence is intentional)? Your mind is a crazy nomad.


Then add the breath: Without the mind and consciousness, our breath is just there. We just suck air in and out like a humidifier… But add your mind and you can begin to observe it, watch it, control it, manipulate it, DO COOL SHIT WITH IT.


Finally your body. Let’s be serious, we’re all like bambi on ice at some point during the day. Our body is an incredible, intricate being and yet if it weren’t for our breath and mind to sync its movements with more grace and coordination it’s just a lump of clay begging to be molded!


So here’s where the salad dressing comes in, plus the yoga (you’re probably thinking- why the hell am I reading this blog at this point… I’m getting there!): If we mix the body, the mind and the breath : S H A K E   T H E M   U P in our asana, pranayama and meditation practice- we find unity. We find that delicious, perfect blend of YOU.

So what the funion does this have to do with confidence? E V E R Y T H I N G. You as the unique blend/ being that is you ROCKS. When you combine your body, mind and breath in its very unique combination of elements- it’s the coolest. We’re designed to be the most awesome, and yet somewhere along the line one of these elements gets out of place. Maybe you forget a teaspoon of lemon juice, when it’s supposed to be 2? Maybe you totally leave the salt and pepper out of the recipe? Many times we are functioning solely on the mind and breath or breath and body, and when the third element is taken out our dynamic combination is lack luster.

So back to confidence, you being a unified being and how it all is yoga. When you were born, your mother looked down at you and thought you were the most perfect thing ever. And if you don’t believe she did, SOMEONE did (God, your dad, your guardian, someone in your world saw the perfection in you). We spend our lives traveling further and further away from this moment where we were whole until we wind up having to go to a yoga class to discover it again. The concept we are working with this week is mati: or intellectual confidence. It is the mindful knowing that at our core all we need to know and have is already there in our mind, body, breath connection. It has been there all along. It’s like at the end of The Wizard of Oz when Glenda tells Dorothy all she has to do to get home is click her ruby red slippers together. Dorothy, astounded, is like, “WTF, why didn’t you tell me that from the beginning, bitch!” (ok she doesn’t actually cuss…) and Glenda is like, “BOO-piece, you’ve been able to do it the whole time, you just had to #getwise and find it yourself #OBVI.”


Our mati is our ruby slippers. They are there all along. We always have the power to be enough, to be whole, we simply must believe and draw inward. You are the greatest, even if you don’t know it – you actually do “know it” it’s just about rediscovering it.


Here’s to the journey, kittens.

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