#GivePresence: ‘Tis the Week of Christmas

Tis’ the week of Christmas, and all through the nation,

People are out in hoards buying gifts with elation!

There’s traffic, holiday cookies, and and wrapping paper galore,

So much going on- this time is hardly a snore.

Don’t forget as you are scrambling, caroling and spreading cheer,

That this is the time to take rest during the year.

There are multiple days off, longer evenings and filling foods,

It’s also the time to change our attitudes.

Instead of rush rush rush, go go go,

Take the time to take it slooooow sloooooow slooooooow.

Be kind to one another, take care of yourself,

Honor this season by being mindful of your health.


Happy holidays from Practice Indie. Do yoga. Get rest. Eat mindfully. Have a blessed season full of giving and gratitude!



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