How to Spring Clean Like a Yogi : 5 tips to clean from the inside out

It’s time to clean your *ish out! While the rest of the world is Marie Kondo’ing their sock drawer, Whole 30’ing their refrigerator and Martha Stewart’ing their yard, we recommend a different approach: How about spring cleaning YOURSELF.

We know, we know- it feels SO good to purge your home, and we totally are doing it with you, however what about all that emotional storage you’ve filled up over the long winter months of hiding inside? February is OBVIOUSLY Girl Scout cookie season (as it should be), but now you’ve got to purge the residue of the Thin Mints and the emotional winter hoarding, as well as that sweater that ‘no longer brings you joy’.

Here are 5 Tips to Spring Clean from the Inside Out from one of our resident Ayurvedic gurus, Staraya McKinstry. Some of this may be pretty foreign, so read with an open mind. Different may be just the thing you need to get over the hump or make the next big leap in your Self path.

  1. EAT CLEAN:Eat pungent, bitter and astringent foods like dandelion greens, mustard greens and asparagus are natural cleansers, toners and homeopathic anti-parasitic medicines that occur naturally in the spring!
  2. DRINK CLEAN: Cumin, coriander and fennel tea is a great drink (Boil 1 teaspoon each of cumin, coriander, and fennel seeds with 4 cups of water, strain, and enjoy.)
  3. THINK CLEAN: embark on a 40 day mantra journey. 40 days is an important/ symbolic amount of time in many faiths (hi Lent & Ramadan + Israelites wandering for 40 years) , and as yoga is a non-faith tradition, it’s a great way to imbue what you are already devoted to in your faith, or create your own path if you are not dedicated to one/any religion. Sing the mantra of your choice (suggestions below) 40 times for 40 days. We recommend:

  4. BE CLEAN: Dry rub on the body with silk gloves or a dry exfoliator to remove any excess kapha / winter build up. Option to follow this up with an Abhyanga of light oil before getting into a warm bath or shower!
  5. RITUAL CLEAN: It’s one thing to do a one time cleanse or purge yourself/ your home and then resort back to your old ways. It’s another to make the process of cleaning a ritualistic, habitual practice. How can you build the practices listed above into a daily or weekly ritual? Can you mark off the beginnings of each season to honor the appropriate cleanse that is needed for that time of the year. Every part of the year has a season and so we must clean out in different ways depending on what we’ve stored up from the past season. Create ritual around your seasonal shifts and throughout that season build in time to return to the cleanses so that they are not one time things, but rather regular practices until the next phase begins.

Want to learn more? Join us May 3- May 18 for our Ayurveda for Radical Self-Care Course. This program will teach you tools to live sustainably, simply and fully so that food and everyday practices are joyful, meaningful and make you feel your best.

You’ll go through an assessment of your individual makeup (called your doshas) to understand a food plan, self- care routine and daily practices that support your individual blue print. When incorporated with consistency, these practices will help bring balance, focus and ease so that you can show up fully in your life. Depending on your level of commitment, you’ll have group support and weekly meetups to help solidify the lessons so that they become second nature.

Guided by two of Indianapolis’s most talented yoga teachers, Staraya & Nicole will lead you back home- to your best self- without making you diet or starve. Radical self-care will allow you to come as you are, and complete the course feeling even more like your WELL-thiest Self.

Here are a few other resources from one of our two instructors of the course- Staraya McKinstry (Nicole DeYoung will also be facilitating this amazing program!)
Staraya’s website:
The below video is NOT how we will be going through our course in May, but a great way for you to be introduced to Staraya’s wealth of knowledge (and just how approachable she is!) another great way to check out Staraya and Nicole is to come to one of their classes!

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