I love you, Donald Trump: a letter from someone who is not voting for you

DISCLAIMER: this letter only shares the views of teacher Shannon Brasovan, and it does not reflect the political views of anyone else at NapTown Fitness, Practice Indie… or the planet. Read with a light heart and an open mind. 

Dear Donald Trump,

I don’t know you personally, but I’ve heard a lot about you. In recent media coverage it seems you are a bit of a biggot, male chauvinist and mild white supremacist. You have hair that no one understands, you make brash, jarring, strange remarks about anyone who is different than you, and you are making this political race one for the books. All that being said, I love you.

Now don’t lose your mind. I do not want to have sex with you or even give you a tender touch on the shoulder… but I see you. You’re a human being. You are a part of this insane thing we call the human experience. You are doing your damnedest to make an impression on this planet (#TRUST you’re nailing the impression part).

You have a spouse and children, I’m assuming you had parents who loved you, and you are passionate about the country in which you live in. We actually have a lot in common. I have a spouse and a child, I have parents that love me, and I am passionate about this country. We both have blood flowing through our veins, tender porcelain skin (mine has less orange to it, but I digress),  arms and legs, finger nails and breath in our lungs. We both feel pain and joy. We both are lucky enough to be educated (although you have had lots more time and money to devote to yours). We both are Americans, and I truly believe we both want what is best for America.

I could go on and on about how we are different… but then again, I could do the same with people that I would consider my closest friends. You’re male, I’m female. You’re republican… I’m essentially whatever party you are not running for. I’m trying to pay my bills, you make billions. The truth is, I don’t care about our differences though. Differences are what make life interesting and beautiful. What makes a rose so beautiful and interesting? It has thorns. We could not define love if we didn’t have hate. It’s never an absence of love that creates hate either, it is the deep presence of love followed by ignorance and fear that creates hate. 

As I mentioned before, we both love this country. There are a lot of people in this country who have that same passionate love for America and a deeply passionate hate for you. The hate comes from the fear and unknowing of what you will do to this country. You present to your non-followers a very scary world where the only thing that equates someone to being ‘enough’ and/or ‘entitled’ is if you are white, male and rich. While I will not stand to see the efforts we have made for equality of race, gender, creed, religion and so forth decimated by an orange man in a toupee, I think hating you is the wrong approach. From a yogic standpoint, hate only brings more suffering- so it’s useless.

So here’s my approach: I choose to fight against your ways with love. I choose to continue to spread love and light around gender, sex, creed, religion, etc. and all things you oppose through spreading love and light. There is so much hate in the world, how does it make me better or serve anyone for me to hate you? I disagree with practically EVERYTHING you have said in your campaign, and for as intelligent as I know you are- I think you can be downright stupid. As a famed, non-white, pretty poor, lowly Pastor once said, “darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that.”- Martin Luther King Jr.

In yoga we are challenged to practice ahimsa (non-violence) in our actions, words, thoughts and just about everything we do. We are also challenged by the ideas of prakriti and purusha: that which is fixed and forever changing. In a very abbreviated explanation- if the Universe/ God/ energy/ cosmos is permanent, but everything else is changing energy, then ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ don’t actually apply. Everything just is. So even though I don’t agree with your way of doing things, just as I don’t agree with murder, the State Fair or Game of Thrones (cue 20 followers just clicking ‘UNFOLLOW’ due to my blasphemy) neither of our ways are ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ they just are as they are. I am entitled to my opinion, but I also know that no matter what that opinion is- it will one day cease to exist… it will dissolve into Universal consciousness along with your seemingly ass backward ideas.

Mr. Trump-good luck on your campaign. I lovingly cannot wait to see you eat it in the polls, but I don’t wish any ill will on you. I wish you only the happiest, healthiest and freest life you can live whilst permitting everyone else to do the same.

In short, I will close with an article that highlights positive things you have brought to this campaign. May the odds never be in your favor (that’s how it goes, right?).


With love, light, respect and a deep wish that you do not get elected president,


P.S. please note that I called out your orange skin, toupee (I mean, is that really your hair?) but to be clear- this isn’t yogic either. If I were an enlightened yogi, I would look past the formation you’ve taken in this life and peered into your truest essence…. but I ain’t no realized being yet, so for now- let’s work on the complexion and know that true yogis wouldn’t make such childish, judgey remarks. I didn’t claim to be perfect, just not hateful :).

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