Hello! New to yoga and wondering what the hell it is or looking at how to get started? Read on!

Q: So what is yoga exactly?

A: So yes, you’ve probably seen people either people doing Jane Fonda type exercises and calling it ‘yoga’ or people who MUST be sipping on some hallucinogenic kool aid, chanting in banana hammocks doing ‘yoga’. Kind of both and neither are what yoga is.

Yoga means to unite. It is specifically trying to unite the mind, body and spirit into one being. Have you ever felt like your body and brain are having two separate experiences (sometimes known as anxiety or depression)? Or had a Matrix moment like “is this happening? is this real? who am I?” Yoga utilizes 8 specific limbs or pathways to have you feel less like “who the f* and where the f* am I” to a more grounded you, 100% present in the moment with your mind, body and breath.

So back to Jane Fonda. Typically what you see on TV/online where people are doing yoga ‘poses’ are actually called asanas (pronounced ah-suh-nuh). This is one of the 8 limbs of the yogic path and This helps align the body so that we feel more in touch and grounded (and honestly, just physically better). People sitting in banana hammocks potentially sipping on some not-quite-legal juice? Well, that’s mainly exaggerated media and/or a deep level of the yoga journey which is not really what we’re qualified to teach. For us at Practice Indie, we’re trying to teach you practical yoga skills to help you live a more peaceful, happy and balanced life.


Q: Do I need to be flexible to do yoga?

A: Absolutely not. Our media thrives off of sexy, extreme (and mostly skinny, naked) people doing yoga, but yoga asana (physical postures) is not about being flexible. Sure, if you do it long enough, you will DEFINITELY become more flexible, but some of the key postures are just sitting or standing still. The beauty of it is the longer you do it, the more flexible you become (body AND mind).


Q: Do I need to be fit or able bodied to do yoga?

A: We are so sorry you even need to ask that question. No way! Fit/ able bodied is not a pre-requisite nor necessarily a bi-product of yoga. You’re perfect as you are. But we do realize that the marketing around yoga is again, skinny, able bodied people and that simply is not what yoga is about or for. If you have any special needs or circumstances, we do recommend at least one private before jumping into class so that we can make sure you are safe and we’ve offered proper modifications for any pose or instruction that may not be suitable to you. We also would highly recommend coming in for a No-Stretch Intro so we can walk through the class options that will be best for you. We are confident we have a style that’s right for everyBODY, but it can take some finessing to figure out which ones are best for you.

Also, if we’re not the right fit for your needs, we bet we know someone in the community who is, so let’s connect and get you on your mat!


Q: What are the benefits of yoga?

A: They are ENDLESS. From improved circulation and mental clarity to an overall sense of peace and less pain in your body… yoga has a lot of incredible benefits. More than we can extol on a simple FAQ page. Here are a few from a credible source: https://www.yogajournal.com/lifestyle/count-yoga-38-ways-yoga-keeps-fit


Q: Ok, I guess I’ll try a class. Where are y’all located?

A: Our main location is in the heart of downtown Indianapolis at 914 N. Capitol Ave. We also have a satellite location at our NapTown Fitness hub in Monon at 5255 Winthrop Ave.


Q: Do you have mats to rent? Or recommendations for ones to buy?

A: BOTH! We have mat rentals for $3 or B Yoga Mats to buy (travel size or full size) when you enter the studio.


Q: What do I wear? Bring? This is like a scary first day of high school or date!!

A: You cutie pie. We know, it’s intimidating. Wear comfortable exercise clothes (aka, jeans are probably not the best idea). We recommend bare feet as there are things called proprioceptors in your feet that are vital to helping you balance and connect with the floor/earth. Bring a water vessel (we do not sell bottled water, cuz we’re hippies and want to save the planet a little) and an open mind. You will do things that are hard, confusing and new to you. Stay positive, be willing to try new things and feel empowered to tell the instructor you need help!


Q: What do I do when I show up?

A: First we suggest you pre-register for a class or private session. You can do so through our new yoga membership page or schedule page. From there, come a few minutes early if you do not fill out the waiver online to get that settled. We also recommend coming a little early to secure parking (we have two lots), get oriented with the space and where to put your stuff, and to meet the teacher you’re working with. From there you’ll take your mat into the space, sit down, maybe say hi to a new human next to you and then await your session or class to start!


Q: How do I schedule a class?

A: Either:

  • go here: SCHEDULE
  • email us at info@practiceindie.com
  • OR sign up for a No-Stretch Intro. This is a 15 minute, complimentary meeting to see the space, meet one of our amazing staff members and discuss your options. You can do so here.


Q: Where do I park?

A: Check the photos out here. We have a parking lot directly south of our building, as well as in our other NapTown Fitness downtown location. Also, our instagram page has a great story in our highlights for how and where to park downtown. At Monon, there’s a lot directly north of the building.


Q: What class should I try first?

A: If you’re brand new, we recommend any of our beginner level classes, Deep Stretch, Guided Meditation or Competitive Napping. Or learn everything you need to know to get started in our Foundations of Yoga package (5 privates to get you really set up right! see below). If you’re not new, we encourage you to hop around. All Class Descriptions can be found here!

A: We also have a new yoga student package that can be purchased here:

Introductory Yoga Month

Foundations of Yoga

Do you learn better one on one? Foundations of Yoga is an excellent way to get a jump start on your yoga practice. These five, 45 minute private sessions will work specifically and individually with the practitioner to accommodate, modify and educate on any particular needs or questions the student might have. If you would like more individualized attention to get started, this is the perfect plan for you! $250 for 5, 45 minute sessions.

Foundations of Yoga

For other questions, email us! Info@Practiceindie.com

Contact Us

Want to know more about our programs or just have general questions about Practice Indie? We can’t wait to practice with you. Namaste, y’all!

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