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It’s hard to believe that our little Lilly flower has moved out to California. Lilly is one of the reasons Practice Indie exists, and set the tone for such a fun, welcoming and wacky place. She helped us fly our freak flag and build an intelligent, beautiful practice. We are so grateful for her being a part of our beginning and know this isn’t the last of her presence gracing our space. We are so sad, but with a door closing comes the opening of new ones. Please meet the new, fabulous mermaids that will be stepping in to fill her flirty shoes:

Jocelin Romero (All Levels, Tuesdays 6:15pm)


Down for some gangster rap, filling classrooms by the 100’s and easily one of Indy’s favorite yoga teachers. Hit up Jocelin for an old pro-flow. She’s a lover and a fighter and she’ll knock your proverbial socks off (hopefully, you aren’t wearing any since you are in yoga…)

Hannah Cole (Restorative, Tuesdays 7:30pm)


Newly certified and ready to rock. An OG to the Practice Indie community, and a pro- hooper. She got her cert in India because she is rad as hell like that, and SLAYS some restorative yoga.

Devon Walker (All Levels, Tuesdays 12pm)


We like our arm balances at PI, so this kitten is a natural fit. Lover of tantra, arm balances, inversions and living your yoga, this tatted queen teaches a fun and challenging class. Get to your mat for a lunch time treat!

Brittany Davis (All Levels, Wednesdays 12pm and Hip Hop Fridays 12pm)


Artist. Mermaid. Need we say more? Brittany is a local fav in the yoga community. Teaching yoga every which way you turn in downtown Indy, she has a fun and flirty flow. If you are looking for a little humor and a lot of self-love, this cat’s class is it!

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