October 2020 Schedule

Beloved yogis/yoginis!

As we continue to navigate the dynamic year of 2020, we will readily make changes to retrofit our once full, in person schedule with the needs and safety of our community in the current landscape of things.

So with that, we are changing our schedule up again. We recognize the changes can be a bit frustrating as any semblance of routine and normalcy is comforting right now, however to dig our heels into the way things “were” would not be evolving and growing with the ever shifting landscape of the world right now.

Additionally (and quite vulnerably) as a small business we are not exempt from the financial hardships that have resulted from the pandemic. Sadly, at the end of September you can expect to see a very abbreviated staff (we’ve had to let go of 9 teachers) and fewer class times due to lack of attendance and need to cut back financially.

We took time to hear your feedback via our members only facebook page, as well as diligently watched class attendance and we are confident that the October schedule not only reflects what you are asking for and need, but also up levels unique opportunities to get to your mat- without changing up too much of what already works.


In addition to schedule changes- our podcast is back! We have been busy interviewing members and peers in the yoga world alike, and beyond grateful for the conversations that have culminated. Tune in weekly for podcast episodes themed off of our weekly theme to give more context and modernity to these ancient teachings.


This week we chatted with Shannon (our CYO’s) childhood friend Alie B who is an activist, artist, yogini and so much more. As we discuss shunya and what it means to navigate in the void, it felt eerily familiar to everything we are experiencing. As the old normal fades away and a new one emerges, what would happen if we actually operated from a place of equality and openness? What if we rebuilt the humanity table to include us all, including how we offer and teach yoga. While we are in no way perfect and have loads of opportunity, we are proud at PI for continuing to try to work through this opportunity so that we don’t keep building up a practice that only serves a privileged few. Check out our Adaptive yoga class, as one of our many examples of working towards a practice where the statement yoga is for every BODY is actually sincere.

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