Our 15 Day – No Mat Yoga Instagram Challenge

We hear often that people want to start a yoga practice, but don’t know how to/ are afraid/ lack the resources to get started. We also hear often that people want to take their glittery moments of joy that they receive on the mat, into their lives but not sure how to incorporate it. Couple that with the fact that it’s Spring Break and the studio tends to empty out at this time (trust us, we don’t blame you!). SO we thought we’d create an online challenge to help solve the problems presented above.

This challenge will run from April 7- April 21 and will be all on Instagram. The goals are:

  1. To make yoga accessible to ALL bodies and beings. No need for fancy yoga clothes or even a yoga mat. The postures will be simple and useful in daily life, the concepts will be key to the practice and just being a generally decent human.
  2. To teach how to live yoga more than just in an hour long yoga class. We hope to teach the practice of yoga beyond just the postures and the confines of a studio.
  3. To give you an opportunity to practice when making it to the studio is not available either due to access or time constraints. Yoga is not only postures, but so much more. This challenge will give you the opportunity to explore what lies beyond physical poses.

We will have some epic prizes!

  • an unlimited month of yoga (for you or a friend!)
  • Biodegradable glitter!!!!
  • Entry to our Ayurveda for Radical Self-Care Series ($108 value!)
  • Entry to our Yoga University course in June ($375 value!)
  • Some swag
  • The satisfaction of learning how to live your yoga 😉

How to play:

  1. Follow us on instagram
  2. Do the challenge presented each day, share your reflections, tag us and use the hashtags #LIVINGMYYOGA #PRACTICEINDIE
  3. DM us upon completion so we know you finished it. We’ll announce the winners on April 24.


Here’s to us ALL living our yoga. We know that in each of us living a mindful existence, the world will be a better place.



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