Our COVID-19 Safety Precautions (updated October 2020)

Getting back to “normal” seems to be on everyone’s mind, and yet with COVID cases not declining, uncertainty as the baseline of 2020 and more, it’s so confusing as to how and whether to resume your yoga practice. Here at practice indie, we put people over profit and understand that everyone’s comfort level on how to continue practicing yoga might be different which is why we have 3 solutions, depending on your level of caution during these times. Above all, your safety is our #1 concern, and we hope any of these three options might be a safe way for you to get back to yourself and community:

  1. Mask required option: In any of our enclosed studios we will require masks for everyone throughout the entirety of your practice. These will include all hybrid classes or warm classes that do not occur in our atrium.
  2. Mask optional (but suggested): As our outdoor classes transition back indoors, we will maintain several classes in our atrium which has big, beautiful high ceilings and wonderful ventilation. In these spaces (like our other spaces) we will maintain 6 feet of distance, and with the expanded ventilation masks will be optional for students once they get to their mats. Teachers will always be required to wear masks.
  3. Virtual: we offer two ways to stay in the comfort of your home and practice with us:
    • virtual only are classes that the teacher has no in person students. These will be recorded as well and shared for free on our YouTube page!
    • hybrid classes: all of our hybrid classes have a virtual element so if you can’t/ would prefer not to come in person, you can still join in on some of your favorite teachers, styles and class times!

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