practice: being a #beginner

tired of your job? feeling complacent in your every day life? getting bored with the day to day? feeling the dog days of summer drag you down? not really interested in getting out of bed every morning?



Perhaps it is simply time for you to shift your perspective on life. Instead of settling in to what you know and the mundaneness of every day, assume the beginner stance of being in wonder of everything and anything.

Competency can often lead to complacency- approach the world with a beginner’s mindset

There is something to be said for child like wonder. The way a child approaches the world with fresh perspective, a willingness to learn and an uncanny ability to accept failure with grace. As adults we get so hung up in being the best, being a master at something, knowing EVERYTHING. To piggy back off of last week’s intention, not assuming things, what if you were to approach each day as if it were your first (and your last)? What if you approached each task at work, in your marriage, at home, as if it were the first time?

Ever been on a first date?… well, a good one :)? Remember how exciting it was? How you were on the edge of your seat to learn everything possible about that human being? Remember the first day of school? At your new job? Remember the feeling of being the new guy and having to learn on your toes? It is here that inventiveness occurs, that genius, inspiration and energy live. It is in the complacency of ‘I know’ and ‘Got it’ that we lose the excitement of every day life.



I went to a yoga workshop this weekend. To be honest, I was terrified. I didn’t know anyone that would be there, I didn’t know what we were going to work on, in a phrase- I was COMPLETELY out of my comfort zone. You wanna know what? It was awesome. It was great to be a beginner again. To relearn poses that ‘I know’ and have become complacent in. It was so great to see these postures that I’ve done probably 5000 times in a different light. It felt so refreshing… like a mojito… or a le Croix for all you Paleo nerds out there. Afterwards I felt re-energized in my own practice which was something I desperately needed.

The truth is, every day, every experience, every conversation is the beginning. No two circumstances are alike. If we approach every circumstance as the student instead of the teacher, think of how much you will gather and grow. Of course there is a time and place to be the teacher, but even here- who are your new students? What beginnings are you helping someone else start? How are you inspiring new beginnings to occur?

My challenge to you this week is to approach everything with a beginner mindset. Don’t limit this to projects or activities, but relationships too. Allow yourself to begin again, relearn something, return to being a sponge and soak up everything life has to offer.

If you want to know what this ‘wonder’ might look like, see below (it’s ok if you cry, I do EVERY TIME):

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