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More aptly titled: practice “faking it until you make it”. I know there is a a stigma to this phrase that it is soul sucking, and not possible. However, I have to disagree. When I’m having a shitty day, the best way out is to smile- faking happiness. After about an hour, I have actually convinced my brain that I am indeed happy :).

To evolve means to develop gradually. Sometimes our evolutions in life are so gradual, we hardly see them occurring. Evolving is not a goal, it does not have an end result, it is a constant…. well… evolution :). Think about a way of being that you have assumed in your life that was not learned from your parents, something that was a choice. And think about how you have grown and developed thanks to that evolution. Now think about a way of being that you want to cultivate and develop (my personal one is to be more focused, i.e. read more). Now potentially if I start to read more, maybe just 5 minutes a day more, I will become more focused… hence the faking it, until I make it idea. This is also why it is a practice. It doesn’t happen over night. Evolving takes time and effort.

One thing that yoga teaches us is that everything we need/want/dream of , we already possess within us. This concept of evolving is really just revealing what is already present within you. Sometimes faking it until you make it is just mimicking a deeply rooted trait that needs some help being uncovered.

Want the scientific proof for why faking it until you make it just might be a great practice for you? One of my favorite Ted Talks:

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