Practice Indie: A Year in Review, a Thank You, and Tribute to Living Your Dream

A year in review… woof, I feel like I’m dying… but as I watched Alice in Wonderland last night I realized that perhaps that is not far from the truth. There’s a scene in Alice in Wonderland where Absolem (the caterpillar) slips into a cocoon preparing to die off in caterpillar form, then to emerge as a beautiful butterfly… That’s how this year has felt. Taking a risk, dying a little in one part of my life so that I can flourish in another.

Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over,

it changed into a butterfly.

At the start of 2014 I was working a 9-5 stable job, working with people I respect and adore, great benefits, covered parking!, great pay, a retirement fund- to many, the “dream” job. And while I was very happy, something was missing. I had always placed owning a yoga studio as a pipe dream. Even as we were in the works of purchasing the 922 N. Capitol building, I was in denial that this would ever be a yoga studio. I was teaching 3 classes a week at CrossFit NapTown, doing what we deemed “Casual CrossFit Yoga”, and every time I taught I felt alive. I would spend the majority of my free time plotting playlists, reading up on new yoga techniques and looking for yoga workshops.

The time came (thanks to some key influencers in my life) where I could no longer just dream about the studio. All I could do was think about it- color schemes, weekly intentions, china gel for daaaaayyyyyyzzzz. I started practicing 2-3 hours a day. My classes at CFNT were always full, and I was being asked to teach at other studios around town. I had a choice to make: I could continue to teach part time and work full time in a job that was awesome on paper, but did not fulfill what I feel is my purpose, or I could take a MAJOR leap of faith and attempt to open my own studio.

If you don’t build your dream, someone else will hire you to build theirs…

With every goal comes challenge and obstacles. I had quite a few big ones:

1. I had to convince my husband that me quitting a stable, great paying job was a GREAT idea.

2. Take about a 50% pay cut to #livemydreams

3. Go from working 50 hours a week to 80

4. Forgo 8 hours of sleep for a sensible 5 every evening

5. Give up socializing, staying out past 10pm, shopping and many times, my own yoga practice, to commit to teaching yoga full time

An obstacle is often a stepping stone.

So I’m assuming after reading that list you’re thinking, “I’d stick with the 9-5”, and trust me many times I tried to come back to that… but something drew me to this path. I feel that I am obligated and was born to do what I am doing now. Are there longer days? Of course. Am I a millionaire, no. But am I living every day to the fullest? Loving what I do? Loving what I get to share and who I get to share it with??? HELL F&*KING YES.

Create a life that makes you want to jump out of bed every morning!

What I’m saying to you is, don’t quit your day dream.

Dream BIG. Live Big. 

Life is short and precious, what you make of it is completely your choice. This studio is blessed beyond measure with incredible students, 2 other amazing teachers, a gorgeous space and unlimited potential. Find this in your life! Find your path, keep searching for it until you find it. BE RELENTLESS. Surround yourself with people you love and that inspire/motivate you. Give to the world what no one else but you can give. Leave a legacy.

THANK YOU to every student, friend, drop in, rando, family member and puppy that has stepped into Practice Indie. You are why we exist. You are why we will continue to flourish. You are why I get up every morning :). Thank you for your energy, for your willingness to open up, to let go, to surrender, to go upside down, and to explore. The light in  me humbly bows to the effervescent light in you. May we continue to help your light flourish so that you too can ramble on a blog about how much you love your life!

A brief timeline of how Practice Indie came to be:

January 2014: Peter and I go on our honeymoon. “Practice Aloha” is a popular campaign in Hawaii to encourage people to embrace the spirit of aloha. Practice Indie’s name is birthed out of this campaign.

February 2014: #365daysofgratitude began – still going by the way! A thank you note a day… This has been a great challenge 🙂

March 2014: Peter and Jared close on the Capitol Clutch Building. It is a filthy MESS. Loooots of work to do.

May 2014: I quit my job and begin working at CrossFit NapTown full time (AHHH!!!)

June 2014: Anna completes her teacher training at Flourish Yoga! Lily Mack sits on a beach in Thailand after completing teacher training, and visualizes being a yoga teacher (as well as hanging out with rad people such as Shannon and Anna all the time, DUH).

July 2014: My husband makes it to the CrossFit Games ( I just had to plug him, he’s awesome :))

August 2014: Major construction starts on the Capitol Building

October 20, 2014: WE OPEN!!!!

November 2014: I was asked to be a lululemon ambassador!!!!!

December 2014: I sit back at my computer in tears with the greatest amount of gratitude for everyone that has made this possible. From our students to our mascots (Brindle Banks and Fiona). Thank you for the few short months that we have been open, and thank you for the years to come of transformation, self study and fun.


Namaste dear friends. I encourage you to review your year. Analyze where you have shifted from your old self, to your new self- caterpillar to butterfly type thing. If you can’t report back on it with as much joy and passion as I can, perhaps you need to evaluate where you are putting your energy and what you want out of life.

Need help? Come to our goal setting session tonight! It’s free!!! 7:15pm-8:00pm

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  • Dana Bonaminio

    Amazing studio, with an even more delightful and inspiring instructor – my yoga practice with Shannon is the highlight of my week. Such an inviting space with a warm and gentle feel – even for a super beginner with no yoga experience. LIFE changing!

  • Janelle Lawrence

    Beautiful. Inspiring. Thank you for sharing your story. Excited to share in the motivation and inspiration. Congratulations!!

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