practice #mandala: respect your past, honor your present, create your future

I had originally stated in my evening yoga class that this week’s intention would be to practice being present. #False… maybe next week.

Mandalas mean many different things to many different cultures (#GOOGLEIT), but essentially a mandala is a square within a circle. It represents a spiritual pathway by meditative means. I like to think of a mandala as ‘returning full circle’. Just like a rosary or a mala, you start at the beginning with your mantra or thought and travel to the end of the beads, and then it begins again. It’s a never ending circle. So is life.

This time last year my husband and I were a week from our wedding, he was preparing for his competition season, and it was spring. This year, we are happily one year into our marriage, he is training for his next competition and it is spring again. We have traveled through the year in a cyclical fashion and have arrived at a similar time and place with different results. I remember how beautiful our wedding was, how stressful competition time can be and how I longed for a booming garden last spring.

Now is the time to reflect on what was, what is and what is to become. Not dwelling in the past or anticipating the future, but appreciating all that is. Our wedding won’t happen again, but I can always appreciate what a beautiful time it was and enjoy the new adventure that is marriage. Peter and his team did not make it to competition last year, which was hard, but it means that we have this year to look forward to when they win (because they will!). Last year, I knew nothing about gardening. This year, I have 12 different veggies, fruits and herbs and my garden is busting with life! It took me an entire year to learn all that I needed to about gardening to start this year. Life is a series of circles, rippling out as we add moment by moment to our time. We can’t go forward and be better humans without acknowledging where we have come from, where we are now, and where we are going.

I encourage you to embrace the idea of mandala, and practice living full circle this week.

Oh, and cheer for my husband this weekend. GO CROSSFIT NAPTOWN IN THE CENTRAL EAST REGIONALS!!!!

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