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Metta: the practice and philosophy of universal love

Yesterday was my one year wedding anniversary. My love for my husband is indescribable. Sometimes, I’ll literally just starting crying tears of joy from the overwhelming sense of love and admiration I have for this man. He is truly my other half.

…but I’m not perfect. There are days where I am less than loving. I say things I don’t mean, I lash out at him for love that I lack for myself. I’m not proud of these moments, but they are what make me human. So if I can act that way to someone I love with such deep compassion, my opportunity to show disdain and ill will towards others is even graver.

This week, I’m dedicating my practice to metta towards everyone. Towards my husband, towards myself, towards my dearest friends, my family and towards those that I am less than friendly with.

Practice #metta. We tend to act unfriendly, or unkind towards others when they reflect a quality that we dislike within ourselves. Ask yourself where the root of your unkindness stems from. It may not change today, but perhaps you can make the choice to shift your mindset from self- driven interests to having kindness and compassion towards that person no matter what.

Essentially metta is an altruistic attitude of love and friendliness as distinguished from mere amiability based on self-interest. Through metta one refuses to be offensive and renounces bitterness, resentment and animosity of every kind, developing instead a mind of friendliness, accommodativeness and benevolence which seeks the well-being and happiness of others. True metta is devoid of self-interest. It evokes within a warm-hearted feeling of fellowship, sympathy and love, which grows boundless with practice and overcomes all social, religious, racial, political and economic barriers. Metta is indeed a universal, unselfish and all-embracing love.

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