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Chances are, first thing you do every morning is you wake up, curse the alarm clock, rub the sleeps out of your eyes, turn on your phone, check your Facebook/ Twitter/ Insta, then roll over and hug your human, dog, favorite pillow or blankie (perhaps all of the above). Then you trudge into the bathroom and give yourself a long hard look (or maybe you pee first… but I digress). This process for me is typically pretty painful. I look in the mirror, ruffle my hair, pick at a pimple and sigh, “Well, this is as good as it gets: WOOF.” Then I shuffle on with my day, having my first interactions with my world being incredibly NEGATIVE.


It doesn’t have to be this way. What if we woke up every morning, and despite our initial reaction to berate ourselves, we celebrate ourselves? What if instead of focusing my lens on the pimples on my face, I focused on the freckles I love so much? What if, instead of focusing on what I’m not and where I am inadequate, I focus on where I am wonderful and where I am abundant? How would this change my interactions with others? Could it make me more positive towards them? More loving towards myself?


What if before your next meeting with your boss you didn’t assume the worst? What if you didn’t put on your imaginary armor, ready to deflect anything they said, and instead were open to possibility- YOUR possibility?


What if we started giving ourselves more pep talks- and looking on the bright side of things? How would that shift our perspective? And our moods? And our attitudes towards those around us?


So try it this week- every morning, give yourself a pep talk. “Today is going to be FLIPPING AWESOME, you wanna know why Self? Because YOU are awesome!” Too awkward for you? Check out these pep talk pros:

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