practice: #saucha (time to clean up my act)

I’m revisiting one of my favorite niyamas (how we relate to ourselves), saucha = cleanliness. In the most literal sense, I was at the lake this weekend and showered minimally, afterwards I was in the need for some clean.


But in many other ways, I’m in need of a fall cleaning. As summer comes to an end and the cool air starts to close in on us, I’ve noticed my lackadaisical attitude towards certain things that have fallen by the way side. Before I go Mommy Dearest on my own ass, I’ve decided to clean up my act, and in the process several other things that need cleaning up.


Here’s a short list:

1. My eating habits. I’ve been eating pretty terribly lately. One day I realized I had not had a single vegetable or fruit all day… unless you consider cool ranch Doritos to be a vegetable and wine to be a fruit… So I have signed up for the Lurong Paleo Challenge and am beginning to recommit myself to a 60%/40% Paleo diet. Recipes to follow this week 🙂


2. Finish DIY projects. I have had several projects lingering in my home for MONTHS now. The first of which was polyurethaning the tree branches that adorned our chupah at our wedding and reattaching them (DONE as of today :)!). The second is to redo a room in our upstairs… currently painting while I type… I don’t recommend doing this… but I’m doing it.

3. Clean up my house. Plain and simple, my house is a wreck. I’m committing 30 minutes every day this week to clean up  my summer long mess.

4. Clean up my mind. Read more. Judge less. Love always. That’s what I’m working on this week 🙂

What are you in dire need of cleaning up this week? Best of luck to you! Practice #saucha.


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