practice #svadhyaya: self-study

practicing svadhyaya means looking within and doing some personal research. It means taking your favorite quote, book, meditation or song and revisiting how it resonates with you on a spiritual and cellular level. svadhyaya is turning inward and studying the absolutely magnificent-ness that is YOU. You are beautiful, you perfect, you are enough. We are constantly learning and re-learning who we are, why we are, what we are. Take this week to rediscover why you are so awesome, and where you have room to grow.

Svadhyaya reminds us to be in wonder of the self, and to constantly be searching deeper:

am I living my best life?

what are my values?

what do I want out of life?

am I able to live in the present moment. If not, why not?

what do I need to let go of?

where do I invest my energy? Should I invest it there?

what makes me happy?

what will my legacy be?

where am I giving back? to whom? to what?

if I died tomorrow, would I have lived a life I was proud?

Dig deep people. Go on a walk, a drive or a bike ride by yourself and start digging in that vast beautiful self of yours.

P.S. I really like what this article has to say… but the illustrations are a bit 90’s text book for me. Regardless, read on if you’re interested:

  • Peter_CrossFitNapTown

    I love this, I try to do many of these already, life is beautiful!

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