#practicegratitude day 10: veteran gratitude

Happy Veteran’s Day. Today we should reflect on how blessed we are as Americans for our freedom, and for those that have granted it to us. The word veteran describes someone who is experienced in a long term of service.

Take this day to show gratitude to a veteran who has protected your rights via the military, or another kind of veteran in your life. Take for instance the CEO of your company who started the business from the ground up, and is a veteran in your field. Perhaps a professor who has taught you every thing you know, and is a veteran in their subject matter. While I think it is most appropriate to thank a veteran of the U.S. military for their service, if you do not know one close to you, thank a veteran in your field who has blazed the path for you to do what you do.

Regardless, be appreciative for those who have gone before you and given you your fundamental rights and/or opportunities. Today is a day to practice gratitude for veterans.

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