#practicegratitude day 24: be grateful for your dharma

dharma is a yogic term meaning living in accordance with the laws of nature and destiny…  essentially dharma means to live our life’s purpose, our true nature, our ‘mission’ on this planet- if you will. What gets you up in the morning? What makes you feel alive? What gives you the greatest sense of self worth? THAT is your dharma.

At this point in my life my dharma is teaching yoga, but at every stage of life our dharma may shift. At one point in your life, your dharma was simply to eat, poop and sleep (although, that may never change for some people). At another point in your life your dharma may to be a great parent.

Dharma may differ from what you do v. what you are meant to do… Be grateful today for what drives you to get out of bed in the morning, for what feeds your soul… and if you don’t have this yet- get on the pursuit of it!

Check out this fantastic video from Jim Carrey voicing this better than I ever could:

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