#practicegratitude day 28: give thanks for challenges

life is full of challenges- even a silly internet challenge like this #practicegratitude challenge presents its struggles. To post every day, to take a picture daily, to sit and reflect on what you are grateful for- it takes time, effort and prioritization to do this… but challenges also build character. Challenge is what gives life spice, without it we’d all live a very cardboard, Pleasantville existence.

Think of challenges that have molded you. That may, at the time, have been absolute hell on earth but now are defining moments in your life. Be grateful for how you made lemonade out of lemons, and persevered through challenge. That challenge has defined your character, and made you a better version of you!

We must never forget the importance of gratitude

Say thank you when your heart is full

And when it breaks

And when you are alone and sad

And when you dance with joy

And when things are lost

And found again

Day and night

Give thanks

For this incredibly beautiful, tragic gift we call life.

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