Welcome Back ‘To School’ : New August Schedule!

BAAAACK TO SCHOOL!!! We’ve got a back to yoga school plan that can engage us all- from those who need to stay home 100% to those who feel safe coming into spaces distanced 6 feet a part and wearing masks. We understand times are confusing and tough, so we hope these updates will help you find some peace of mind through this challenging time.



1.We are introducing 3 new formats:

VIRTUAL- Classes that are categorized as virtual can be joined from anywhere in the world. Pre-register for your class and grab the link via your email (or members, the link is posted in our members only Facebook group!)

HYBRID- Hybrid classes are available to you in person or virtually. We will be streaming the classes from the studio so those that join virtually will feel like they’re back in the classroom.

OUTDOOR- We are adding an outdoor yoga space between our 916 SWIFT building and our current downtown building at 914. Mat spots will be spaced 6 feet a part and masks in the outdoor zone will be optional.


2. PROPS! Sure we can do yoga without props, but it makes it SO much more fun:

FOR PURCHASE– need some props? We have gently used blankets, mats and small bolsters for sale at the studio for a highly discounted price

FOR USE IN STUDIO– we are going to be offering the use of chairs and blocks in classes. The teacher will bring these by for each student, and it will be up to your discretion as to whether you would like to use them or not. You will leave the props at your mat space after class so the teacher can sanitize them and put them away.

CLASSES INCLUDING PROPS- We’re adding a class called Adaptive Yoga that will be chair based (9:15a on Thursdays) + bringing back an aerial option (12p on Wednesdays, limited to 3 participants so silks can be washed weekly and appropriate distance even when swinging can be maintained). We’ll also be emailing out prior to classes that are more prop heavy (R&R/ Deep Stretch) any props necessary to engage fully with the class.

3. New Class Styles

Check out Slow Flow (Tues. 9:15a) , Moon Salutations (Thurs. 7:30p), Adaptive Yoga (Thurs. 9:15a), Wellness Walking Club (Wed. 6:30p) and Family Yoga (Sun. 11a) all coming to the schedule!



  • Masks will continue to be required in all indoor spaces
  • In the event of inclement weather, outdoor yoga will be moved to our platforms and masks will then be required
  • We will be checking temperatures at the door upon arrival
  • All mats will be spaced 6 feet a part and teachers will continue to stay on their mats, not offering adjustments
  • All props will be sanitized thoroughly after each use
  • Doors will be propped open 10 minutes before and after class. Please come on time, don’t congregate in areas and plan to keep your stuff with you.
  • Pre-registration is required for all classes to receive links and make sure space is available
  • All payments and transactions (including signing waivers) will be done digitally to decrease amounts of surfaces shared and touched
  • We will continue to be diligent with our cleaning protocols
  • We will be requiring temperature checks upon entry for any in person classes (as long as you don’t register higher than 100.4, you’re fine!)



9a-10a Salute the Sun (OUTDOOR)

11:30a-12p Family Yoga (VIRTUAL)

6:15p-7:15p Deep Stretch (VIRTUAL)

7:15p-8:15p Donation Yoga (OUTDOOR @ Cultural Trail Glick Peace Walk)



6:30a-7:15a Salute the Sun (OUTDOOR @ Studio)

12p-12:45p Flow & Go (HYBRID)

5:15p-6:15p Alignment Flow (HYBRID)

6:30p-7p R&R (VIRTUAL)



7:15a-8:15a Salute the Sun (OUTDOOR @ Studio)

9:15a-10:15a Slow Flow (HYBRID)

12p-12:45p Alignment Flow (HYBRID)

4:15p-5:10p Flow & Go CORE (VIRTUAL)

5:30p-6:15p Flow & Go LVL2 (HYBRID)



6:30a-7:15a Salute the Sun (OUTDOOR @ Studio)

12p-12:45p Aerial Flow (IN STUDIO ONLY, MAX 3 PPL)

5:15p-6:15p Alignment Flow (HYBRID)

6:30p-7:30p Flow & Let Go (VIRTUAL)



7:15a-8:15a Salute the Sun (OUTDOOR @ Studio)

9:15a-10a Adaptive Yoga (VIRTUAL)

12p-12:45p Flow & Go (HYBRID)

4:15p-5p Deep Stretch (HYBRID)

5:30p-6:15p Flow & Let Go (VIRTUAL)

7:30p-8:15p Moon Salutation (OUTDOOR @ Studio)



6:30a-7:15a Salute the Sun (OUTDOOR @ Studio)

12p-12:45p Flow & Go (HYBRID)

5:15p-6p Flow & Go (HYBRID)



8:30a-10a Spirit Journey LVL 2/3 (HYBRID)

10:30a-11:30a Flow & Go (VIRTUAL)


Stay tuned for the return of Yoga Nerd Out sessions, a September virtual book club with My Grandmother’s Hands and more!



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