#sauca: spring cleaning

sauca means purity or cleanliness. Looking at this niyama, I’ve decided to take a few actions on how I can start to apply spring cleaning to my external surroundings and myself.

1. LITERALLY spring clean my house. I’m going to take two vacation days (not weekend days) to overhaul my home, yard and cars to rid of the cobwebs and excess items that simply no longer serve me. I’m going to give away items that I know someone else could use that I no longer need, even if I have a strong emotional attachment to them (i.e. t shirts that I pretend like I will turn into a t shirt quilt, that will really never make it to that hypothetical quilt-  btw I can’t sew). Also love this Better Homes spring cleaning checklist.



2. Improving my daily hygiene. Don’t judge me. No stop right now. No judgement zone. Seriously prepare yourself to not judge me…… I wash my hair like 2-3 times a week… get that judgy look off your face. First of all, I have long ass hair. Second, I color my hair so the more I wash it the quicker I am in that chair re-dying it. I shower every day, sometimes twice a day (just not my hair). HOWEVER, I could be better at flossing my teeth erry day (although I tell my dentist that I do every day), washing my hands more often, and let’s be honest… I could shave my legs more often. We’ll work on this.


3. Eating cleaner. My husband and I eat pretty much 80% local, organic, paleoish food (#yuppies). However, with that I have an occasional donut, Snickers bar… Arby’s roast beef sandwich with curly fries and a jamocha shake… Now I think an occasional cheat is fine. In fact, I think it’s probably healthy. But I do tend to justify at least one… or 5 cheats every day (return to #2, no judgement zone). I need to be more cognizant of what I’m putting in my body at all times. I’m not going to go as far as a juice cleanse, but I’m going to work on being even more aware of what I’m eating.


4. Cleanse myself of negative thoughts. Everyone… well almost everyone, has negative thoughts. I’m not the exception. I create stories every day about who I am, how other people view me and what is ‘true’ in life. I’m going to shed these misconceptions that are no longer serving me, including (but not limited to): I’m not pretty enough, I’m not smart enough, I’m not good enough, people don’t like me, etc. You are what you think you are… these thoughts are not serving me, and are only true if I let them be. Negative self image- be gone, sister.


5. Cleaning out negative people and things in my life. It is not a requirement that we get along with and like everyone that we encounter. It is the rule of reciprocity though, to treat others as you would appreciate to be treated. There are people in my life that I simply don’t jive with, but try hard as hell to be best friends with because I think it is the right thing to do. The energy that I expend on falsely portraying these friendships is exhausting, and inauthentic. I’m going to work to continue to treat others the way I would appreciate to be treated and approach them with empathy, however not feel pressured to falsely forge relationships that aren’t naturally there.



6. Same thing applies to habits. There are habits that I have convinced myself are necessary, i.e. biting my nails, watching useless television every night of the week to ‘decompress’, spending countless minutes on Instagram. These are things that I know are not positive for me and yet I convince myself that I need them. So unnecessary. So to you stupid, unnecessary habits I say #byefelicia



So yeah, that’s sauca. I’ve got a ways to go to practice this niyama, but I’m pumped to practice it. Because that’s what practice is: practice makes practice… which makes life happen. Good luck to you fellow humans in your quest for cleanliness and purity.

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