We have incredible class offerings at Practice Indie, and cannot wait to share them with you! The goal of describing our classes is so that you, the practitioner, know exactly what to expect out of your experience. This keeps everyone safe, prepared and provides the best possible experience for all practitioners.

Alignment Flow: Enjoy the sweat of a Vinyasa Flow with more focus on alignment. Expect the class to pause and explain postures, as well as to teach more challenging poses (think crow, handstand), and then add it into the flow. This class may have the feel of a workshop, but we believe at Practice Indie you shouldn’t have to pay extra to learn how to do yoga poses that are regularly used. Attend this class if you are looking to see your practice grow.
Practice Alignment 

Aerial Yoga: Defy gravity and feel like a BOSS yoga warrior doing it. Aerial yoga is a wonderful way to decompress the spine, work on inversions without fear, deepen stretches in unique ways and build strength. We recommend that you have been practicing yoga for at least 6 months before doing this class. You will want to understand basic yoga cueing before taking it off of the ground.

Practice Flying

*This class is not eligible for yoga only memberships. SWIFT/ Yoga Unlimited packages and CrossFit packages include aerial. We also offer an aerial specific punch card.

Casual CrossFit Yoga: are you a CrossFitter (or SWIFTer?) who’s looking for some stretching, mindfulness and breathing without the intimidation and woo woo shiz? Then this is the class for you. This class will be casual, incorporating traditional yoga techniques and postures with contemporary mobility modalities such as lacrosse balls and foam rollers. Use this class on your rest days and to increase range of motion, focus and recovery.

Competitive Napping: Had a long day? Need the physical form of a warm cup of tea? Enjoy creating pillow forts out of yoga props? This is your class. Coined competitive napping, the postures are held for several minutes (4 on average) so that your body can truly rest and restore. This class utilizes a lot of props so prepare to feel unintimidated, completely supported and fully restored ☺. This is a wonderful class for beginners who are looking for stress relief. Optional: Bring warm socks and a sweatshirt.
Practice Restoration

Deep Stretch:  Practice Indie’s Yin class. If you don’t know what yin is, it’s long, held (typically seated or reclined) postures that encourage you to explore your mental and physical edge. Unlike competitive napping (restorative yoga), postures are not as supported through props, but may be held just as long which will require the body to confront your edge, release and surrender. This is a mentally & physically challenging practice because of mental strength and a willingness to let go.
Practice Surrender

Donation Yoga: Have everything to give or nothing at all? This community class is a ‘come as you are- give what you can’ vinyasa yoga class. Proceeds each quarter go to a different charity and no one is watching the tip jar if you can or cannot give each time. This class is truly given in the spirit of giving without receiving, so come enjoy a practice without the strings attached.
Practice Giving

Flow and Go (+Flow & Go Express): Want to blare some music in a dimly lit room, get lost in your movement & sweat? This is your class. Expect to sweat, move, flow and hit the pause button. Get ready to let go of all your BS in the form of your own sweat… We recommend bringing water.
Practice Flow

Flow & Let Go: Want to blare some music in a dimly lit room, get lost in your movement & sweat – then slow down, cool down and feel reeeeeeeal good? This is your class! We’ll heat up with a flow followed by slow, relaxing and releasing postures & music.
Practice Variance

R&R (Rest & Reset): In a world where we are measured by productivity and the ability to multi-task, it seems counterproductive to be still and calm the mind, however it might be the best you can possibly do for yourself. Meditation has been proven to increase focus, reduce stress, increase compassion and mental clarity. This 45 minute class is the perfect way to end your workday! Shut off your busy work brain and ease back into your life with this quick hit of peace. We’ll start by resting with a few restorative postures followed by a reset through a guided meditation. Leave feeling relaxed and refreshed, ready to head home and be present!
Practice Focus

Salute the Sun (+ Salute the Sun Express): Waking up is hard to do… except when you know the room will be warm, the flow inviting, and the atmosphere chill yet vibrant enough to get your day started. Expect to start your day warm, stretched, strong, balanced, focused and happy!
Practice Saluting the Sun

Spirit Journey: Part philosophy, part asana, part meditation, part pranayama. Expect a full soul cleansing and an in depth practice of at least 4 of the 8 limbs of the yogic path.
Practice Seeking

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