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We at Practice Indie feel strongly that every person deserves to live to their highest potential. You are full of grace and unlimited possibility, all you need to do is CLAIM IT! This podcast series is to help you sit down this holiday season to reflect on the past 10 years and actively choose how you want to transform in the next (and then some!).

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Here’s a quote from a beloved ‘graduate’ of our goal setting/ vision work that might incentivize you to join the conversation:

When we came to the visualization exercise portion of the workshop, we closed our eyes and imagined ourselves walking past framed photos of our lives from 5 or 10 years in the future.  I had no idea what I was going to see, and I was so surprised by what materialized in my mind’s eye.  I saw my family; my husband, myself, and our children, bursting through the door back into our home upon returning from an outdoor adventure of some sort.  We were all talking over each other, reliving the trials and triumphs of the day.  We were all slightly wind-chapped and smelly and dirty and pleasantly exhausted.  I saw this so vividly, and I realized that I wanted it so badly.  Now I also knew that I deserved it, and I knew that I could achieve it.
In January 2017, I started making appointments with doctors to work out the next steps in my fertility journey.
In May 2017, I was pregnant with Jordan.
In January 2018, I became a mother.
In March 2018, I started applying for jobs in Minnesota.
In April 2019, I went to Minnesota to interview with IBM.
Next week, June of 2019, my family is moving to Minnesota.
I am immensely proud of myself.  I made the time and space in my life for self-exploration, I saw what I wanted, and I fucking made it happen.  I think these muscles for making life choices based on my own wants and desires and then executing them were ones that I hadn’t exercised in a while.  Once I graduated law school and got my job at my law firm, there weren’t really any more built-in catalysts for major decision making and change in my life.  So I had kind of forgotten how much of a badass I can be; that I have always been a person who loves to set big goals and make them happen.  I had forgotten how much power I have over my own life, including the power to keep dreaming and keep growing.
I am in awe of the universe.  I am in awe of myself.  I am so grateful to you, and I am so excited to begin this next chapter of my life.
-Kelli Morin

Grab a pen and paper, spare two hours and get cozy with people you love and trust as you explore your past, present and future- and who you want to BE in this life. If you enjoy this and want more, we highly encourage you to join us for 2020 Visions on Dec. 6-8 and/or our community goal setting on January 1! We will also be offering 5, limited edition memberships to include unlimited yoga and goal setting/ accountability through the beginning of 2020. To inquire, email us at !

*There are 6 episodes in the series + the rules/ guidelines episode. Start with this one and then move on from there:
Don’t have two hours? Hit up these quick videos on goal setting:

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