Spring Break Travel : 5 Mindful Airplane Travel Tips

We know the struggle- you’re so excited to get a break from {insert modern day stressors here} and sometimes we have to travel halfway across the planet just to disconnect and hit the reset button! Doing so, however, often requires plane travel which can be exhausting, stressful and draining. Here are a few tips from a yogi on how to mitigate a bit of the stress, and make the experience as pleasant as possible:


  1. HYDRATE: Did you know you get dehydrated when you fly on planes? Reason being that the air you are breathing is actually from the outside and air at that altitude has very little moisture, so drink up angels. PLUS drinking water keeps us clear headed and helps us fight disease better. Bringing your own water bottle:
    • reduces waste (bye bye single use plastic water bottle)
    • encourages us to drink water more often
    • saves you money
    • We highly recommend this genius collapsible bottle from Package Free Store!
  2. READ OR LISTEN OVER WATCH: our senses are constantly bombarded by so much stimulus. The airport and airplanes take that limit to the MAX. Practice a little pratyahara and try to withdraw your senses a bit. Instead of gearing up your Netflix, bring a good old fashioned book or listen to a podcast. If you’re like most of us, this will probably make you tired and enable you to get some hard earned rest after a while. Use this time to decompress- not increase your stimulus, thus exhausting you further. A few of our current book choices and podcasts:
  3. BREATHE, MEDITATE & PRAY: The plane starts to lift off and there’s a rumble under the wing, you start gazing down into the endless depths and instantly PANIC. You are certain your plane will be the one that crashes. We’ve all been there with the anxiety of flying, and even though we know we are more likely to get in a wreck on the way to and from the airport in a car, than to get in a plane crash, it still seems to be a very common fear. Insert : Deep breathing, meditation and prayer. Take this time to close your eyes, take the deepest breaths you can manage and focus your attention on that! Book reading just not your style? Try some audio meditations from Insight Timer (a free meditation app) instead. Still feeling particularly anxious? How about saying a gratitude prayer for the opportunity to travel. Focus your awareness on anything OTHER than your fear of crashing. Deep breathing, meditation and prayer can definitely help!
  4. AROMATHERAPY: the benefits of smell can not be forgotten. Planes already carry an icky smell and layer onto that you’re stressed! Bringing a roller ball of essential oils to place on your temples, pulse points and chest is a great way to invite some relaxation and release.
  5. PACK MINIMALLY: Traveling is stressful enough, then layer on you have this heavy AF bag and you’ve got a sh*t show of emotions trying to lug it through the airport, over your head, etc. Do yourself (and the person sharing overhead space with you) a favor and pack minimally. Are you really going to run that 5 mile beach stretch every day? How about read all 10 books in your 3 day vacation? Pack only what you need and leave time and space for opportunities to rest, restore and explore on your trip. It’s helpful to pack items that are dual use:
    • Pack a scarf that doubles as a blanket. We love these two: lululemon vinyasa scarf or this delightful one from halfmoon!
    • A bar that doubles up: We like these shampoo/ body bars so you can have the advantage of not packing them in your liquid bag AND they solve two problems in one!
    • Pack clothing that can be worn multiple times. Jeans are a great item to pack that you can wear and re-wear, just change your underwear! (or don’t wear any- whatever floats your boat)

Travel safe, yogis! And remember:

Because I am so rarely there, the most exotic place on earth is where I am right now.


Practice Indie is not paid to endorse any of the products above. We simply enjoy sharing the love! Check them out, go with your gut. You don’t need to buy anything to travel… nor do you need to travel to get away ;). 

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