Why do a 300 HR training? Perhaps you’re curious. Perhaps you’re looking to take your teaching or practice to the next level. If you’re wondering what lies beyond the tip of the iceberg, this program might be for you…

watch this video!

We will focus on advanced techniques in the following categories (and then some!):

To apply, please email us at info@practiceindie.com

Include your name, 200 HR RYT completed (date and school), a little bit about you and your yoga background and your reason for wanting to do the program. We look forward to hearing from you!


Program Details:

Next round of weekly meetups is TBD. Email us if you are interested!
Hours Breakdown:
  • Our weekly meetup will account for 150 of your 300 hours
  • Electives – you will need 50 hours to graduate. Some examples of electives from the past:
    • Ayurveda Challenge – 25 hours
    • Harmonium How To – 10 hours
    • Anatomy Weekend – 20 hours
    • Aerial Yoga Teacher Training – 25 hours
    • Dharma Talks – these are 2 hours each
    • Teacher Resets – these are 2 hours each
    • Restorative yoga – 10 hours



$4250 paid up front | 200 hour graduates from PI $4000

$4380 spread out over 6 months (monthly payments of $730)

$4500 spread out over 12 months (monthly payments of $375)



  • Unlimited classes throughout training
  • Electives (up to 50 hours) covered by cost of training
  • One on one consults with lead trainer
  • a crap ton of knowledge
  • an amazing community
  • the opportunity to take your practice, your teaching and your LIFE to the next level



Contact Us

Want to know more about our programs or just have general questions about Practice Indie? We can’t wait to practice with you. Namaste, y’all!

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