Anna Rode

    Anna has been an athlete her entire life, playing soccer all the way up to the Division I level in college, but she never imagined becoming a yoga teacher. She first came across yoga for the physical benefits of a good stretch, but after one incredibly powerful practice, she was hooked for the mental side. She grew up in a world of impossible standards that she was constantly trying to force upon herself to the point that she abused and tortured her body. It was on her yoga mat that she started to realize that she was not alone and, more importantly, that she could let go. Yoga saved her soul. When she teaches, she does it out of love for the practice and love for the light in each and every one of her students.  It is her hope that in some way her teaching can help her students find themselves in the way that yoga has helped and continues to help her. She truly believe her purpose in life is to help people and have found the perfect venue for that through teaching that which has brought her so much joy, life, and love.

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