Devin Banks

    Like many people, Devin used to think yoga was not for her. As a former gymnast, she was confident that she knew how to stretch and didn’t need yoga’s help. Everything changed in 2015 when a friend dragged her to a few classes and Devin realized that she had found another place where it was acceptable to stand on your hands. Although she was attracted to yoga for the physical challenge, as a soon-to-be psychologist, what kept her coming back were the benefits of mindfulness that she was learning to facilitate from textbooks, but only now experiencing for herself in yoga class. Devin has realized that yoga is not stretching, a place to stand on your hands, or a mindfulness practice. Yoga is everything. Yoga is whatever you need it to be.


    Devin completed her 200-hour RYT training at Practice Indie in May of 2018. She is passionate about making yoga accessible to all people and challenging her students to push what they think are their limits. In her classes you’ll learn about the psychology of mindfulness, be encouraged to try a “gymnasty” posture, and hear lots of Beyoncé.