Erin Perkins

    Erin has been flirting with yoga for years but it started getting serious in 2015 when she went in for a laparoscopic procedure for endometriosis. The recovery was quick but doctors were unable to identify the source of her pain. Feeling defeated on a mental and physical level she started diving deeper into her practice.

    With the help of yoga she was able to understand her body more, get in touch with the pain and herself. This feeling inspired her so much she knew her purpose in life was to help others find this same sense of understanding in themselves. She went on to complete her RYT-200 in October 2018. She considers herself a newbie to practice and is dedicated to helping students learn that yoga is more than being flexible, it’s a way of living.
    She loves being silly, using props in her classes, and smiling through life’s uncomfortable moments.
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