Katie Pahud

    I remember my very first yoga class: I was about 12 or 13 years old, the studio was just a room, in a more or less a vacant strip mall located in a part of town I couldn’t get to now if I tried! I don’t even think the “studio” had a name. Those parts of my first yoga class are vague, while the actual practice is not. That part is still very real each time I practice, and it’s amazing how I am somewhat taken back there. 

    I started yoga as a balance to competitive gymnastics, and during that time (early 2000s) yoga was steadily on a huge rise. Truly, what lured me in was knowing that my body was made for yoga. I could master poses quickly and somewhat effortlessly simply due to my background. For the next 10 years, I would go back and forth practicing, mostly in phases. Always knowing I had yoga in my back pocket as something I was good at and could tap into at any moment. 

    So, I was already a yogi, right? WRONG. 

    My motivator in life is simple: To connect with people. And I believe we all possess some of that. We are biologically driven to engage and connect. What I didn’t understand was that in order to connect with others, deeply understand them, and be able to help them, I had to openly connect with myself. I knew there was more, I was only scrubbing the surface, and I was ready to dive in. I completed the Rolf Gates Affiliate Vinyasa 200-hour Training lead by the amazing Dusty Thompson at Tree House in June 2016.

    I believe any practice is the right practice. Your body knows what you need better than I ever will. I believe some of the most skilled, advanced yogis never do handstands. Wise effort is an essential part of my classes, which involves listening to your body in order to understand when and how to apply effort both on and off your mat. My intention every time I teach is to give each student what they need, whether that’s intense inversions or a long savasana. 

    I always remind students that I am just the finger pointing to the moon, and you are the moon, slowly working your way back to yourself. We all have the power to find our way back, we just need to listen from within. Namaste.