Keisto Lucero

    I came to yoga around 3.5 years ago when Practice Indie was just a modest studio room in the corner of the Crossfit Naptown Delaware location and yoga class was once a week. I jumped right into Crossfit with literally no fitness experience or background and on each Wednesday I awkwardly, usually giggling at my own clumsiness, made my way to my first down dog with that same level of experience… absolutely none. I have a history of anxiety, some (a lot) body image issues, and a grade A tendency to let my mind go directly to the worst-case scenario in any situation. I found quickly that through my yoga practice I was doing something that brought all of those negative things in my head to a manageable, compassionate, and more balanced place. It minimized my suffering. Additionally, it made me more flexible, stronger, more confident, my ability to SLAY ALL DAY increased, and yes it even made me a better dancer (maybe not the last one.) After falling in love with the yoga practice and myself, I took my 200-hour RYT certification in 2016 here at home at Practice Indie. During a class with me you can expect to laugh, relax, sweat, learn to “honor the pause,” and hopefully discover a little bit about yourself through the practice. We will talk about some philosophy behind yoga, and through ancient teachings of all backgrounds begin, or continue the journey of self-love, self-realization, and hopefully minimizing our collective human suffering together, if only for an hour.