Lilly Mack

    Lilly is a fierce-fun-loving ball of energy who lives for spontaneity, travel, good wine, great friends, world changing pieces of writing, a baller sunset, and spending moments hiding in some of the most mysterious corners of the world. Lilly truly found her home on the mat in college as a way to manage stress, and as a way to visualize the life she wanted after college. What started as a way to manage the college lifestyle eventually exploded into a way of life. A way to walk through life a little lighter, and a little brighter. 

    Lilly completed her RYT-200 in April 2014 at The Absolute Yoga Academy in Koh Samui, Thailand studying under Michel Besnard and Roslyn Ying. Lilly is passionate about teaching fun, upbeat, and entertaining classes that will lift your energy the moment you step onto the mat. When she is not on the mat she is having a silly goose time. 

    What you can expect from Lilly’s classes: To be physically challenged while always feeling comfortable to listen to your body even if that means laying on your back for an hour. Always challenging her students to remember that every body is different. You can 100% expect at least one Beyoncé song and a savasana sweat angel to be left on your mat. 


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