Megan Hanna

One of my first yoga teachers said, “If you let it, yoga will creep into every aspect of your life”.  Her words echoed into my soul, as I’ve never experienced such transformation as I did when I found my way onto my mat.  This practice changed and saved my life.

My yoga journey began in 2010 and I started my first teacher training in 2012.  I trained at The Yoga Studio with a background in free-flowing ashtanga-inspired vinyasa yoga.  Ever since I took the dive into deepening my yoga practice, anything that helped me understand more of why I am the way I am sparked my curiosity.  I embarked on a deep journey of svadyaya, self-inquiry, and self study.  Yoga helped me to deepen the connection I have with myself on every level.
It is my mission as a teacher to create a safe space with dope rhythmic vibey music to help inspire others to take a deep dive into themselves and explore their vast inner landscape; to bridge the connection between the internal and external world; to feel at home within themselves; to bring themselves back into union.  My practice has evolved into merging my love for music and yoga with astrology and bringing the elemental wisdom onto the mat and into the body.  I tailor yoga classes to astrological themes in effort to provide cosmic context for the seasons of our lives.  In my free time, I love long walks in the forest, deep conversations, footie pajamas, and spending time with my German Shepherd soulmate, Otto.
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