Rebecca Jacobson

    Becca began her yoga journey at CrossFit NapTown in 2012 as a form of muscle recovery and stress relief. With her background in dance, she immediately fell in love with the movement, alignment, and strength focuses of a vinyasa practice. She completed her 200-hour teacher training at Practice Indie in 2016. She is continuously called back to her mat for the physical challenge, mental cleanse, and perspective shifts that yoga can provide. She believes that a regular yoga practice can be a vehicle for self-transformation and a mirror for personal insights. She finds inspiration through creative sequencing and a well-curated playlist in both her personal practice and teaching. Her classes offer an opportunity to check in, reflect, and move with autonomy while building strength, breath awareness, and mindfulness. She hopes that her teaching creates a laid back environment that encourages students to release, reconnect to their own potential, and renew their commitment to live what they love.

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