Rebekah Smith

    As a little girl Rebekah saw herself doing good for others. Taking care of animals and loving on plants, praying for every country she knew the name of. Her heart for helping others was cute when she was young but as she grew older she struggled to find how to turn that loving energy into a life path, a “career” as they call it.

    After 4 years at IUPUI studying cultural anthropology, community organizing and labor movements she was ready to take action for the common good, but life threw other plans her way. Upon returning to a yoga studio in January of 2017 Rebekah’s heart was suddenly jolted. She’d been so eager to figure out how to do work for others but she’d lost track of work within herself. It quickly became evident that this was the journey her heart and soul needed. Yearning for healing within, Rebekah was drawn to heart openers in her asana and overtime the physical practice led to trials deep to her core.

    Yoga truly led her to mend her broken heart. And the physical practice continued to take on so many roles: therapist, church, confidant and friend. By showing up on her mat, Rebekah learned how to show up to so much else in her life. Which is why, when the opportunity came to learn from one of her favorites, Purvi Lippincott, she jumped at the opportunity. 200-hr RYT at Practice Indie with Purvi and Shannon Brasovan was a life changing experience.

    Besides the immense love shared, Rebekah’s biggest takeaways being that just as in yoga, life is practice and at every moment of this impermanent life we have a choice. We get to keep choosing a better and more compassionate way to live in this world, to keep practicing. Join her on your mat to root down, to tap in, to fall over, to laugh, to cry, to acknowledge all that comes up just as it and to keep practicing. She can’t wait to share in yoga light and love with you.