Shanda Tichelle

    In 2014, I started attending yoga classes at a studio.  I didn’t know what drew me there at the time but now I would tell you it was the universe and that it was written in my soul’s purpose all along.  The more I practiced, the stronger my desire and appreciation for the assembly of mind, body, and soul grew.  In 2017, I applied to Practice Indie’s Yoga Teacher Training program and began the YTT journey under the instruction of Shannon Brasovan and Purvi Lippincott.  I did not know at the time how transformative that process would be and I am forever grateful for the experience.  It required me to dig deep within and work on the toughest messes I carried inside.  As a result, I became the bravest and best version of myself and because I’m so perfectly flawed I get to wake up each day and work on me again and again.  This is my practice.  And now, I feel like the luckiest of all because I get to share my practice with you in the space that facilitated my deepest appreciation for a new way of sharing my existence in this world.  I know I am sometimes branded the eternal optimist and it could be gag-worthy but seriously people: dreams do come true.