Weekly Focus Week 8: Svarupa

Knowing yourself may be the work of your life.  Modern culture gives us so many messages about how little we know ourselves and that we must do decades of work to have DRAMATIC REVELATIONS about who we really are. Pop culture shows these as the aftermath of breakups, trauma, addictions, failure and a myriad of trials and tribulations.

But I ask you: what if who you are is actually very simple?  What if the culmination of your personality and thoughts and experiences – while uniquely your own and beautifully collected according to how it was supposed to be – are not actually terribly complex?  What if your true nature is divinity, having a human experience in the best way it can and instead of a dramatic therapy session to uncover it, you simply begin to introduce this simple idea into your life?

Svarupa is the sanskrit term meaning “ones own form or shape”.   It’s the concept of self that is true and free of the trappings of what is popular or trendy.  It’s the answer to the perennial question: “who am I really?”  It’s not the superficial – hair color, eye color, gender orientation, partnership status, career choice, or hobby – it’s the true answer of what your nature actually is and will always be, no matter the fluctuations of your life.  Your svarupa is sacred. Your svarupa is perfect exactly how it is. Your svarupa is deeply worthy. It is the job of the student to continue to find the places that don’t agree with this view of your real form and shape and begin to dismantle these patterns and ideas. 

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