Why Do A 200 Hour Teacher Training

Meet Nicole, one of our Yoga Teacher Training Instructors!

Along with Purvi Lippincott, Nicole DeYoung is an instructor of our Yoga Teacher Training, a practitioner of ten years, and a Practice Indie mermaid instructor of four years! Nicole started doing yoga because, as an athlete, she needed to nurture her body with deep stretches and care. She also found yoga to be an important addition to her mental health care after having worked with survivors of domestic violence for several years, stresses and traumas building in her body and mind. Her experiences as she began practicing made her curious about what her future with yoga could include, but Nicole says what really brought her on board was once when she showed up to class and a last minute substitute instructor taught class with her baby! Now Nicole works for Butler University as a Lifestyle Wellness Coach for faculty and students, as well as gracing us lucky, lucky mermaids with her instruction! 

Nicole’s Take on Trainings (Spoiler Alert: Obsessed)

Reflecting on her own experience in yoga teacher training, Nicole says her 200 hour mostly made her hungry for … more yoga! When she had the opportunity to spend the time and money to complete a 300 hour in India, she took it. And Nicole has since taken  “refresher” trainings regularly (seriously a lot of trainings) since completing 500 hours, including a 10 day silent retreat (vipassana). 


One of the most valuable lessons Nicole gained from training was the concept that #lifeispractice, instilled in her by an instructor who directed Nicole not to take notes! Nicole says now she understands that many of the important concepts in yoga are learned by doing, and she finds herself teaching by doing as well. If she were to plan a good drill or learning technique for a posture in advance of class, Nicole doesn’t write it down with intention to teach it in a class – instead, these lessons are expressed more organically in her classes. Lessons like this abound in a yoga teacher training – it’s such a wonderful opportunity for growth!


Why attend a Yoga Teacher Training?

  • You want to teach yoga.
  • You want to learn the philosophy and teachings behind the physical practice of yoga.
  • You want to contextualize your practice beyond what you are doing on your mat. 
  • You want words to put to your experiences and feelings and more deeply understand yourself.
  • You want to participate deeply in self-study.
  • You want to find your voice as an instructor.
  • You want to find community.


Why attend a Yoga Teacher Training at Practice Indie?

  1. We are Yoga Alliance Certified. There is no governing body over yoga in the US, but the yoga alliance acts as an accountability firm for yoga studios. Member studios pay an annual fee, and curricula of the studio are audited by the Yoga Alliance. 
  2. The standards of the Yoga Alliance offer flexibility for curricula of a 200 hour YTT course. We could broadly cover the concepts of yoga, and this would be consistent with the standards of the Yoga Alliance.  However, we choose to prioritize teaching people to be teachers, not just covering the concepts of yoga. We are able to offer two free classes to the public each week, in large part instructed by students of our Yoga Teacher Training courses. Students are able to gain experience, get feedback on their instruction, and improve – several times throughout the course.


What can people expect from a teacher training?

Find your voice, find your community. 

The teacher training emphasizes the philosophy behind the postures, as well as studying safe expressions of the postures. We graduate safe and conscious instructors from this training. 

The teacher training setting allows students to dive deeply into self-study that is community-driven and supported. It gives students a space to consider questions of the self. Students are taught practical skills of an instructor – to queue clearly, instructing with language that class members can understand. One important aspect of our training that may differ from other courses you are considering: students are expected to instruct a number of classes.  It can be really scary to start teaching these public classes, but oftentimes students with no intention to teach really fall in love with teaching once they find their voice during those classes they instruct. 


The Bottom Line

There are a lot of reasons to take a yoga teacher training – many participate to deepen their practice, and simply spend more time with themselves on the mat. We will do plenty of that in yoga teacher training! We also see a lot of opportunity specifically in teaching others to teach, and we continue to be blown away by our graduates of these teacher trainings! 

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