Looking to deepen your practice, but not interested in becoming a yoga teacher? Yoga University might be just the ticket for you! 5 weeks. 4 hours every Sunday. This course is an in depth study on postures (asana), breath work (pranayama), meditation, energy (chakras, bandhas, etc.), history & philosophy. Think of it as summer school… but you actually want to be there, and the content is really cool :). We will meet from 12pm-4pm on Sundays, July 2-July 30 :

To sign up for the entire course, sign up here:
Yoga University: The Course

Investment: $375 for 5 weeks/ $80 for individual sessions

For individual descriptions, click on the links below.
July 2

Yoga University: The History & Philosophy

July 9

Yoga University: The Breath (pranayama)

July 16

Yoga University: The Postures (asana)

July 23


Yoga University: The Energy (chakras & other woo woo shiz)

July 30

Yoga University: The Mind (meditation)

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